Belt Fashion Eindhoven has been the (inter)national supplier of fashion accessories since 1976, being specialised in designing and developing belts. Our focus lies on the production of leather belts in our private factory in Eindhoven. Besides this, we also produce PU and webbing belts in the Far East. Thanks to the company's extensive knowledge and experience, Belt Fashion has been able to gain a leading position within Europe and is still growing.


Belt Fashion is unique, because we take over all our clients' activities. To illustrate this point, we have a styling team that designs fashionable and commercial belts according to the latest fashion trends, but can also develop customised collections for the customer.

The bulk of our belts is sold under a private label, however, Belt Fashion also produces for large and well-known brands. Throughout the years, the necessary knowledge has been gained concerning quality, quantity, fashion trends, creativity and dynamics.  Belt Fashion is able to incorporate this into every new collection.  Do you wish to learn more about our products and services? Please, feel free to contact us, our representatives will be happy to speak to you.